6. Fibers in Concrete - Benefits, Applications, and Dosage Rates

Date: April 21st 2021
Speakers: Larry Kaiser, P.E. Sr. Project Manager Engineering Design and Infrastructure, GCP Applied Technologies (BIO) and Matt Norman, Midwest Sales Manager, Concrete Fiber Solutions, LLC. (BIO)


The subject of fibers will be presented to develop your understanding of the product offerings available and how they can be applied in concrete.  A comparison of different fiber types, applications, and limitations will be completed.  This will include high and low volume polymeric (Synthetic) and steel fibers.  An evaluation will be made for this product to be a total replacement to the typical usages of crack control steel for interior or exterior slab-on-grades (including pavements).  A review of the value propositions of this lower cost alternative towards the Owner, Contractor, and Designer. This presentation will go through the history of steel fiber, the different types of steel fiber, design considerations and applications. I will also talk about the mixing, placing and finishing of steel fiber.


In addition, a slab on grade design software program has been developed utilizing ACI-360, PCA Design Guide, and Beam on Elastic Foundation criteria.  A review of this software’s capabilities as a design tool that incorporates the use of macro synthetic fibers as the sole reinforcement within the concrete section.


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