8. What's in Your Concrete Specifications and What Does it Mean?

Date: May 19th 2021
Speaker: Scott Kelly, Director of Technical Services at Ozinga


Concrete specifications are loaded with ACI, ASTM, and AASHTO references that should be followed on the projects when concrete is being placed. Understanding what each one of these standards actually means and what is important in them can be difficult. This webinar will review some of these standards to increase your knowledge.  We will also touch on the following items that should be listed in your specification like listing the contractor as responsible for hiring the lab of record to take cores, allowable fly ash, Type 1 L cement, and slag replacement levels, concrete strength, w/cm ratio, slump and air content for parking lot pavements, aggregate requirements, admixture/fiber requirements, addressing cylinder storage on site, discussing cold weather and hot weather concreting, preconstruction meeting to discuss jobsite testing, special testing requirements (e.g. ASR), and performance vs prescriptive mixes.


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