4. 3 Part Series: Part 2 - Portland Limestone Cement: 'Equivalent' Performance to Type I/II with a Smaller Carbon Footprint

Date: March 17th 2021
Speakers: James Palmer, Votorantim Cimentos / St Marys Cement, Technical Services Engineer | Illinois & Wisconsin and Marvin Obermeyer, PE, LEED AP, FASCE Technical Services Manager, Buzzi Unicem USA (BIO)


What is Type IL Cement and how does it compare to ‘Traditional’ Type I/II cement, When ‘Equivalent’ is really better, & How to check/update your specifications (it may already be in there).

Have you heard of Type IL, PLC, or GUL? Type IL has a higher limestone content than the Type I/II cement that is most common in the market.  This presentation describes Type IL (a.k.a. PLC, GUL) cement, how it is engineered to achieve ‘equivalent’ performance to Type I/II while being more environmentally friendly, and the key differences that could mean Type IL is a better fit for your projects. Portland Limestone Cement (PLC) has been around for about 50 years though it hasn’t yet achieved widespread usage in the US (Canadian & European markets have been using it for over 10 years). It was recently introduced to the Chicago market (noting limited quantities have been previously used in Illinois). 

This presentation will provide a broad overview tailored to engineers and specifiers to address the topics above and as well as relevant  aspects of the cement manufacturing process, Carbon Footprint reductions (including SCM mixes; e.g. GGBFS/Slag & pozzolan/fly ash) & applicable LEED sections.  Guidance will also be provided for determining if your current specifications allow for Type IL cement and what should be included if not (Type IL is covered by ASTM C595 / AASHTO M 240 Specification for Blended Hydraulic Cement; Note Type IL is also included various National Standards such as ACI 301 & 318, FAA, AIA).


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