5. 3 Part Series: Part 3 - How Specifying Carbon Cure in Your Parking lot Concrete Can Lower CO2 Emissions

Date: April 7th 2021
Speakers: Allison Palmer, Market Development Manager, CarbonCure Technologies and Ryan Cialdella, Vice President of Customer Development, Ozinga


Did you know that embodied carbon (the carbon footprint of building products and construction) is expected to account for almost half of total carbon emissions from new construction over the next 30 years? Did you know that concrete - by virtue of being the most abundant man-made material on the planet - is typically the largest contributor to embodied carbon on any given project? This webinar will outline the difference of embodied carbon versus operational carbon. It will explore the Structural Engineer’s 2050 Commitment (SE2050) and the sustainable shift among the building & design community. Lastly, the webinar will introduce an innovative solution to reducing embodied carbon in concrete - the CarbonCure Technology. 


CarbonCure beneficially repurposes carbon dioxide to reduce embodied carbon without compromising concrete quality or competitiveness. Over 7 million cubic yards of concrete made with CarbonCure have been supplied from over 300 concrete plants. CarbonCure's success is due to the commitment concrete producers have made to build a better future. CarbonCure has proudly partnered with Ozinga in Illinois since 2017.In that time, Ozinga has reduced over 13,000 metric tonnes of carbon through 1 million cubic yards of concrete, including pavement and parking lot applications. The company's commitment to utilizing CarbonCure aligns with its strategic sustainability message of “providing a product that benefits the earth and its natural resources.” (Ozinga.comLearn how you as an engineer can help improve your clients or your companies Environmental Social and Governance Score by utilizing CarbonCure in your interior and exterior concrete pavements.


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