Pervious Concrete

When it rains, it drains.


Pervious concrete is a concrete mix that has minimal sand (fine aggregate). Due to this alteration of the concrete mix, pervious concrete typically has a void structure which ranges from 15% to 30%. This void structure allows stormwater to pass from the surface of the concrete through to the stone base underneath the pavement, and eventually back in to the water table where it belongs. The use of pervious concrete brings a multitude of environmental benefits to developers, builders, and consumers and saves a considerable amount of money and resources in comparison to conventional stormwater handling systems.


Pervious Contractor Certification

IRMCA is the local sponsoring group for the NRMCA Pervious Concrete Contractor Certification Program in Illinois.  More and more, jobs calling for pervious concrete require the contractor on site to be certified according to the NRMCA program.  IRMCA can help you get there.  Please contact us at irmca@irmca.org for more information.

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