The pavement should be jointed to control cracking. The joint lay out, compatible with the contractors paving method and equipment, must be submitted to the architect or engineer for approval prior to construction.

Longitudinal and transverse spacing should be at regular intervals. Individual spacing may vary slightly to meet catch basin and manhole castings. (The suggested transverse joint spacing is: 10 feet for 4" slabs, 12 feet for 5" slabs, and 15 feet for slabs 6". The suggested longitudinal joint spacing is 12 feet.)

Contraction joints may be made by sawing, tooling, or installing an approved insert to a minimum depth of 25% of the slab thickness. Sawed joints shall be cut as soon as possible without ravelling the concrete.

Joints should be continuous across the slab and must extend completely through the curb.

Install full depth expansion (isolation) joints, ½" thick, to isolate fixed objects abutting or within the paved area. These fixed objects include existing pavements, sidewalks, castings and structures.

Joints do not require sealing.

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