Basement Walls

Concrete is the single most popular material used to construct residential basements in Illinois.


A concrete basement is the most economical part of a home to build and is the best value for the dollar spent. Concrete basements provide adequate support for the home above it, can be used to economically expand the family living area, and also offer a variety of benefits:


Extra Room for work or play
Consider a game room, den, guest bedroom, or office. Create a space as unique as your own family.


Full basements can almost double the enclosed living space at only a fraction of the cost of the home.


Design Possibilities
Raise the ceiling with 9-foot foundation walls, or add a dramatic color or texture for a permanent, finished look.


Ample storage in a concrete basement frees up other, more expensive floor space in the house and garage.


Better Access
Plumbing, heating and wiring can be reached without crawling or breaking up floors.


Strong, Durable , Safe
Concrete will never burn or rot and provides the best shelter against storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

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