March 15th Sales Training Highlights



On March 15th 2016 The Illinois Ready Mixed Concrete Association hosted the “4 Nos in Sales” Sales Training Program presented by BASF Admixtures. The program was a great success with 31 IRMCA members attending the 7 hour program in Bloomington IL. The Sales Program highlighted these sales concepts and more:

Getting to “yes” starts with changing from what you want to say to what the contractor wants to hear….

·        No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care. Build trust through commonality and intent.

·        Learn more about Contractor’s challenges by getting in their mind. Use investigation questions to uncover the “need behind the need” and the business implications.

·        Increase your area of selling opportunity by gaining a strong understanding of his business and broaden his understanding of the value you bring.

·        Speak in the contractor’s language and present solutions that lower risk, increase quality,  shorten their schedule, or reduce/neutralize the project’s costs.



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