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The Illinois Ready Mixed Concrete Association is excited to roll out a statewide Concrete Overlay Promotion. All four of the Regional Promotion Groups chose concrete overlays as a concrete concept they would like to promote. This program is a direct result of their time and commitment to the concrete industry and to the promotion of concrete throughout the state. In this concrete overlay promotion Concrete Producer Members will be asked to have their sales or quality control people make 10 sales calls each around their concrete plants to companies who have distressed parking lots and talk to them about a concrete overlay. The sales or quality control person will have a concrete overlay flyer to review with the potential client that highlights all of the benefits of concrete overlays and shows local concrete overlay projects. If the client is interested in a quote for a concrete overlay the sales person will fill out the concrete overlay analysis form (attached) with them. Prior to making these sales calls concrete producer members will need to identify one or two concrete contractors who would be willing to quote all of these potential projects in a timely manner and perform the work.  If the concrete producers do not want to make sales calls but would still like to participate in the concrete overlay promotion they can send Theron Tobolski of IRMCA the contact information for their contractors who will provide quotes and perform the work and Theron will make sales calls and provide leads to them. A concrete overlay webinar hosted by the Illinois Ready Mixed Concrete Association and given by Randy Riley of the American Concrete Paving Association will be available for any contractors or members who would like more information on concrete overlays. If you would like to participate in this concrete overlay promotion please call Theron Tobolski of IRMCA to get printed copies of the concrete overlay brochure so you can start making your sales calls.  Listed below is a detailed outline of how the Concrete Overlay Promotion works:


Boots on the Ground Approach

1) Concrete Producers need to find one or two contractors each that are interested in providing quotes for a concrete overlay and performing the work. Contractors will need to visit the potential concrete overlay projects and quote them in a timely fashion.

2) If contractors have never placed concrete overlays before, and they need more information on concrete overlays they can sign up for a concrete overlay webinar provided by IRMCA and ACPA. The producer member can host the contractors in their office conference room to review the webinar.

3) Ready Mix Producers pick local businesses near their plants that have destressed asphalt parking lots and visit them with the concrete overlay brochure and make the sales pitch. Theron Tobolski of IRMCA is also available to make concrete overlay sales calls with you or on your behalf.

4) When the Producer Member visits a potential concrete overlay client they should ask for the owner of the parking lot or the person responsible for maintaining the parking lot.

5) Review the brochure with the potential clients and highlight the benefits of a concrete overlay. Let them know that there are some local projects listed on the back side of the brochure that they can visit. They can also contact Theron Tobolski (708.473.0117 or ttobolski@irmca.org) to get more information and locations for concrete overlays.

6) Ask the potential client what type of budget they have to improve their parking lot. Ask them if they know how much money they have spent to date on repairing the asphalt.

7) Ask the potential client if they would be interested in a quote for a concrete overlay for their parking lot

8) If yes, let them know that you will need to get some information from them to provide a Concrete Overlay Pavement Design at no cost and a quote from a contractor.

9) Work with the Client to fill out the Concrete Overlay Analysis Form.

10) Once you have filled out the Concrete Overlay Analysis Form, email it to Theron Tobolski of IRMCA @ ttobolski@irmca.org to help get the concrete overlay design. Once you receive your concrete overlay design back from Theron Tobolski, provide it on to your contractor(s) so they can provide a quote to the potential client.

11) After the contractor has provided a quote to the potential client, follow up with the client to see what they think of the concrete overlay proposal. You can also talk to them about just overlaying sections  of the parking lot each year or every other year. They do not need to overlay the entire parking lot if their budget does not allow them too.

12) All Concrete Overlay Forms will be sent into Theron Tobolski at ttobolski@irmca.org so that IRMCA can track the success of the promotion. Any Concrete Overlay Analysis Forms that you send into IRMCA will not be shared with any other members of IRMCA.


Please contact Theron Tobolski of IRMCA to receive your brochures so you can start the concrete overlay promotion in your area. If you have any questions or need any help with making sales calls please call me. I look forward to working with you on this concrete overlay promotion.




Theron Tobolski

Assistant Executive Director

Illinois Ready Mixed Concrete Association

Cell 708-473-0117

Office 800-235-4055

Email ttobolski@irmca.org



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