About the Portal

The IRMCA Compass Portal is a highly valuable tool to meet the AASHTO/IDOT R-18 Requirements for your Producer Labs.

Once purchased, you will have access to certain ASTM, AASHTO Standards required by IDOT, to certify your labs through this unique IRMCA PORTAL.

Dependent upon the number of labs you have, you will be saving up to 50% and more through purchasing these standards through IRMCA over any other method.


Begin by completing the order form, located here.  The USER License annual fee is $1,285.  You only need 1 USER License per company.

That fee includes your first lab.  All additional labs are $385 each.  When you click your way into the portal you will arrive on the IRMCA ASTM COMPASS home page.  At the upper right you will now register your users.  You may register as many users at each location as you like.

If you have multiple locations, each user is allowed to use within your company their own username and password established when they registered.


Once your ORDER FORM  and payment are received, IRMCA will issue you a USERNAME for each location.  That will get you to COMPASS where you register one time, establish your unique COMPASS username and password and you are ready to view or print your standards.  You may access your standards as many times as you like.  Without the IRMCA COMPASS PORTAL you would have to buy the standards for each individual user at each lab.  This is where you are saving 50% or more in cost.


Once on the COMPASS home page, look under STANDARDS and click on “custom collection”.  There you will find all 30 ASTM/AASHTO Standards.  Or, you can enter the standard you want in the big search box.  We have also included the IDOT Manual of Test Procedures on this site. It will always be current.   If you have any difficulties, questions, or need technical help just call the IRMCA office at 1-800-235-4055.



If you would like to take advantage of these HUGE SAVINGS and become a member of IRMCA just click JOIN IRMCA and complete the form.


If you have already purchased access, click here to login.