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ASTM Custom Collection of Standards

C1064/C1064M *       C173*                     C31*

C1074                                C192/192M       C39*

C1231*                              C231*                     C470

C138*                                 C29                          C511

C143*                                 C293                       E29 

The  *  designates that there is an associated training video for and addional 20% upcharge.

AASHTO Custom Collection of Standards

T23                             M 201             M231

M205                        T119               T231

T22                             T152                T318

T177                          T121                T325

R39                             T196                 R60



 Illinois Department of Transportation’s  Manual of Test Procedures


To download a copy of the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Manual of Test Procedures for Materials (MTP): click on the link below, then click on the “References” tab, and finally click on the “Manuals” drop-down list, where you will find links to download the MTP in Adobe PDF format.


The MTP is reviewed annually by the Engineer of Concrete and Soils and updated to reflect current test methods. The manual is not available in hardcopy format.  All users are responsible for ensuring they are using the most current version of the manual. In part, the MTP contains Illinois Modifications for ASTM and AASHTO test methods and standards; these modifications shall be used in conjunction with the test methods and standard documents published by ASTM and AASHTO.

To stay up-to-date with the release of each new MTP release, please consider subscribing to the Department’s email list for “Materials Guides and Manuals” by clicking the link below, then clicking on the “Stay Connected” tab.

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